Calvin and Hobbes


yes hello 911 i’m being forced into adulthood and i don’t like it send help

I’m really tired. Just so tired. I can’t do this anymore. No more crying. No more lying. No more bullshit. Mom. Dad. Shits going down tonight. Time to become truly independent. Time to shape up. I miss the easy life. Living in a hospital, being disappointed, and breathing were the only things I knew of while growing up. Now it’s time for a change. Surgeries. As of now, are done. Liver is healed. Aches and pain. Forget about it. I’ve had worse. I love my family. But it’s time to change some rules. I love my friends. I also miss them a lot. But they’re mostly gone or forgotten about me. I’m not upset. I am sad. But friends come and go. I will now only socialize with a particular group of friends. If I ever find that group. But I’m done trying with people who won’t do the same for me. Schools rough. And I’m lazy. That makes it worse. I work 50+ hours a week. Barely getting anything. I won’t spend it like crazy anymore like I use to. I’ll save it. I’ll be the cheapest joker around. My old life. As of today. Will end.

Thank you tumblr for letting me vent to you. I’m glad that even if I don’t have anyone else. I at least have you.

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